The University Club of Denver membership is comprised of men and women who are not only successful and respected in their fields, but who also appreciate the sense of community that is the Club’s greatest asset.  Candidates for membership of the University Club of Denver must be at least 21 years of age and have a degree from a university, college or similar institution of learning.  Candidates must be sponsored by a current Member of the Club. In addition, potential members must also provide two reference letters from current Club Members whom have met the candidate and approve of the nomination. Once a candidate has completed the membership application they return it to the Membership Director, along with the Letters of Recommendation.

The credentials are reviewed by the Admissions Committee. If approved, a 15 day posting period commences. Following that the candidate is invited, along with their sponsors, to a cocktail party where they will be introduced to Members of the Admissions Committee and other Candidates. A vote occurs immediately after the event. Once approved, a letter of acceptance is sent to the candidate, granting membership upon the receipt of the initiation fee. The candidate must turn in their initiation fee before they are deemed members and their Club account set up. They will be provided with a membership number, to which all dues, fees and other charges are billed. Our invoices are sent via monthly mail and there is an option for auto drafts from the Member’s checking account.