Benefits of Membership


University Club Members display varied interests and they use the Club to enhance their lives in many different ways.   There are those that are pool enthusiasts, squash enthusiasts, bridge enthusiasts.  There are members who just like to enjoy the Members Bar and Dining Room with other members over a delicious meal or congenial cocktail. There are many organized social events and educational events and especially a Club focus on Literature and the Arts. Family events are some of the most popular. Of course our most well-known tradition is Twelfth Night, an annual show that has been embraced by the Denver community for well over one hundred years! 

Selected Member Benefits-
  • Participate in unique activities such as trap shooting, fly fishing, and car racing lessons

  • Associate with some of the most interesting people in Denver

  • Host a private event in the College Room

  • Enjoy annual tournaments in Pool, Squash, Story Telling, and Poetry

  • Throw rolls at our Annual Meeting

  • Appreciate fine dining with your family, friends and associates

  • Utilize access to over one hundred reciprocal clubs across the world

  • Experience the Club’s excellent access to Opera, Ballet, Sporting and Museum events

  • Join your friends at bridge

  • Work out in the Fitness Center

  • Take family children to annual events such as the Gingerbread House party, the Easter Egg Hunt, the New Year’s Day brunch

  • Have an excellent alternative to celebrate important holidays such as Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day